1.Crawlers are compact,maneuverable,flexible and easy to operate. It makes smaller pressure when the crawler is working on the ground and won’t hurt the lawn. It has good performance and strong ability to climb the slope.
2.It is widely used in the transportation of farmland, orchard, greenhouse, nursery beds, beaches, snow fields, construction sites and other complete topography and narrow roadbed.
3.Our crawler has wide range of use, simple structure, smooth transmission and are Suitable for complex road conditions such as swamp, river bank, desert, paddy field, tropical rain forest, snow field and ice.

4.Single cylinder power system, low fuel consumption, high traction, Good climbing ability, strong transport capacity.Honda,Loncin, Zongshen,B&S and other brands of engine are optional

5.We design safety handle (release and stop it) to ensure the safety of equipment and operator.

6.Hydraulic lifting and unloading can reduce the intensity of labor and improve transport efficiency.


we are professional construction machinery exporter and one stop solution supplier in China, which has more than 10 years experience in this field already.

(1)Warranty: one year/2000 working hour warranty period, during which we will repair or replace the spare parts if they are in normal working condition

(2)Spare parts:TRADE PEAK is dedicated to provide our clients with genuine spare parts with the highest quality,exact fitness and appropriate function.

TRADE PEAK is able to provide with the overall installation of complicated machinery,allowing you to start the normal operation of construction machinery solutions, it make your machine life can be significantly extended and sustained high capacity .

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